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How TechSmith used Hotjar to build better products

How to improve customer experience
UX designer

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24 Mar 2023

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The further you go without concrete data, the more leaps you’re making. That’s why we come back to the data very regularly—to validate it and make sure we’re on track. That means we're making fewer assumptions, which also means we’re making fewer mistakes in the end.
Conan Heiselt
UX Designer at Techsmith
We use Hotjar all over the company—in Marketing to test and validate our website, in UX on all of our web-based applications and sites, in Technical Support within our knowledge base, and in User Assistance to gather info on the effectiveness of our help content. If it had been difficult to use or complicated to integrate, we would have canceled after a few months.
Conan Heiselt
UX Designer at Techsmith
Sometimes I run exploratory surveys, asking questions like “What do you find most valuable about this page?” or “What’s your biggest frustration with this service?” Based on how they answer the more general questions, I can ask more specific ones and figure out how to improve the experience.
Conan Heiselt
UX Designer at Techsmith

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