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How Bannersnack used Hotjar Heatmaps and Recordings to increase conversions and improve their product.

How to improve your product
How to improve conversion
Digital marketer

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24 Mar 2023

Features used

Despite all the tools we used to measure traffic, such as Google Analytics, we didn’t really know what our users were doing on our website or how they were using our online tool. Our goal was to start optimizing based on data, not assumptions—but we felt like we didn’t have enough information to make our process shorter and more efficient.
Gabriela Popa
Content Marketing Specialist
Our only concern was the impact the code would have on the overall page load speed. So we checked the load speed using the network tab from the browser's Inspect Element tool to see the load time, and also the Page Speed insights from Google. It all turned out to be ok.
Gabriela Popa
Content Marketing Specialist
Hotjar has become an important part of our conversion optimization process, helping us understand our customer better and, ultimately, sell more. We strongly recommend it!
Gery Meleg
Head of Design, Bannersnack

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