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How Audiense used Hotjar to fix a drop in conversions

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24 Mar 2023

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Price would have been an issue for us if it had been too expensive. We’re a startup, and resources are a very important factor in every decision we make.
Juan Fernandez
Head of Product, Audiense
We monitor our sales funnel to see where people abandon signup without converting, and one day we noticed a huge drop in conversions from our signup page. We discovered that the autocomplete feature was broken, so we fixed it and conversions went back up immediately.
Juan Fernandez
Head of Product, Audiense
Hotjar helps us empathize with our users. It reminds us that there are real human beings on the other end. It also confirms that our work as a product development team has an impact, and is making our customer's lives easier.
Juan Fernandez
Head of Product, Audiense

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