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How Marlin Used Hotjar to Find Bugs and Improve the Experience

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24 Mar 2023

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We chose to make the time to learn Hotjar, no matter what, because we saw the value in what it could bring us. I couldn't have imagined, at the time, how much value it would bring us after being a customer for over a year. What it has expanded to, over 18 months later, is a tool we use for not only UX, but for support, marketing initiatives, surveys, customer interviews, product decisions, presentations to our sales team, and communication to our entire company on how people use our product.
Stephen Ippolito
Product Manager at Marlin
When we receive a support ticket, we use Hotjar recordings to find that user's session with their consent. We then watch it, log the bug, and attach the recording to the ticket. This saves hours of work since we don’t have to recreate the problem itself.
Stephen Ippolito
Product Manager at Marlin
Our developers don't talk to customers. Showing them Hotjar recordings of user sessions makes them empathetic when our users stumble, and it gives them a sense of pride when they see a user complete a task they just worked on.
Stephen Ippolito
Product Manager at Marlin
As product usage grew within the app, we were able to back up anecdotal evidence of what users did and quantify how long it would take them to complete basic flows. This became a major point we highlighted to our sales team, as a product differentiator, in competitive situations.
Stephen Ippolito
Product Manager at Marlin

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