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How CCV used Hotjar to grow conversions

How to improve conversion
UX designer

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24 Mar 2023

Features used

I have a real passion for everything that goes into User Experience (UX) design. I want to know what users are thinking—the psychology behind their decisions—and why they’re clicking on some elements while ignoring others.
Gregor Doornbosch
UX Designer at CCV
A lot of tools try to sell you on the low price, but they ‘forget’ to tell that implementing can cost more, in time and money, than most people think. Hotjar was easy to implement, and it offered tremendous value for a great price.
Gregor Doornbosch
UX Designer at CCV
We have around 17,000 shops hosted on our site, if you consider the free users, and that’s a lot of data. With that in mind, we set out to study the pages with a similar layout and flow, such as the checkout page. Hotjar helped us gain insight into how people use our features and where we can improve them for our clients. That means conversion improvements… and happier customers!
Gregor Doornbosch
UX Designer at CCV

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