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How Ecommerce Warriors used Hotjar Recordings and Surveys to grow ecommerce

How to improve conversion
Digital marketer

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24 Mar 2023

Features used

My concern was around user privacy, what is/isn’t revealed, and how that kind of data is stored. I was happy to see that Hotjar had options for suppressing things like credit card numbers, so I reassured the client that in addition to suppressing keystroke data with a single click, we could apply this same treatment to specific elements of their webpage as needed.
Jeff Bronson
Showing clients analytical numbers about what happened and where isn’t always enough. When I introduced visual insights into “why” shoppers behave certain ways, specifically session recordings, I saw jaws drop and excitement build.
Jeff Bronson
Hotjar is a critical component of helping retailers improve conversions, since showing visual proof is priceless.
Jeff Bronson

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