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How Razorpay used Hotjar to improve its business product suite

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24 Mar 2023
Very often, Hotjar shows us things that the numbers themselves [from Google Analytics] can’t tell us. For example, if we watch a Session Recording and see that people are stuck somewhere and they’re hovering their mouse, we know something could be wrong and we can take a closer look.
Saurabh Soni
Product Designer at Razorpay
We tried it for free and liked it, so we purchased it. Today, we find that onboarding new employees with Hotjar is easier than any of the other analytics tools we use. The best thing about it is the ease of use: we don't need to keep bugging the front-end team, and we can do most of the things directly from the dashboard.
Saurabh Soni
Product Designer at Razorpay

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Session Recordings helped us understand so many different ways that people used the product. We also identified the points on the page where we could further optimize the design.
Saurabh Soni
Product Designer at Razorpay

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