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How TomTom used Hotjar to drive big increases to email CTR and conversion rates.

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24 Mar 2023
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The Hotjar team went through each and every one of our security officer’s questions and answered them in great detail. It made a big difference.
Dave Powell
E-commerce Conversion Manager, TomTom
I clearly remember doing a presentation for my boss’s boss. I showed him a Hotjar Recording of a live user session. In it, you could see [the user’s] frustration—they were moving their mouse wildly and clicking and nothing was happening. Being able to give that outside perspective was great.
Dave Powell
E-commerce Conversion Manager, TomTom
Using the information gathered from Surveys helped us make substantial changes that resulted in a +491% increase in email CTR and a +49% conversion rate increase for our landing pages.
Dave Powell
Hotjar saves us hours of guesswork every week. It would be impossible to get the results we’re getting without it.
Dave Powell
E-commerce Conversion Manager, TomTom

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