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How Turum-burum use behavior analytics data to deliver conversion rate increases for an ecommerce client

How to improve conversion
UX designer

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24 Mar 2023
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Hotjar has flexible settings for heatmaps and session recordings, which is especially useful when you’re A/B testing and want to see how users experience each version of your design.
Maksym Chuvurin
BA/UX designer, Turum-burum
Hotjar helps us map our client’s customer journey from a user’s perspective. We’re much more efficient in delivering value because of it.
Denis Studennikov
Head of UX/UI, Turum-burum
Hotjar saves us and our clients a lot of time. It’s such a convenient and functional tool— it gives us the reasonable, user-backed foundations for our experiment hypotheses, and lets us demonstrate how effective we’ve been through our redesigns at producing KPI improvements.
Dmytro Kukuruza
CEO, Turum-burum
Over the course of our year-long work with Intertop, Hotjar helped us identify hundreds of interface pain points, bottlenecks, as well as hidden sources of tremendous potential gains to improve user experience and drive business outcomes.
Dmytro Kukuruza
CEO, Turum-Burum

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