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How Netguru saw a 50% decrease of their bounce rate within only a few months of using Hotjar

How to improve customer experience
UX designer

Last updated

24 Mar 2023

Features used

For Netguru, Hotjar is one of the must-have tools for any digital marketing team, as well as one of the most valuable tools for UX research and user testing in today's world. I love how we can track the entire user journey within the website. It helps a lot in finding navigation patterns and investigating what users are looking for. It’s an incredible source of knowledge in terms of designing particular sub-pages and gives us tonnes of insights without complex field studies or user interviews.
Piotr Śliwa
Senior UX designer at Netguru
One of the biggest advantages of Hotjar is that it’s very user-friendly and the Hotjar team has done a great job with their onboarding. The tool does not immediately flood you with dozens of options, but gradually introduces more advanced features while the user is setting up their first Heatmap and Reports. It makes onboarding easier, and employees do not need hand-holding, as they can figure it all out by themselves, instead of relying on support from one know-all tool expert in the company. Ease of use saves a lot of time!
Patryk Kalinowski
Demand Generation Team Leader at Netguru

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