Romantic Farm Style Shoot – Part One

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in a romantic farm style shoot at Belvedere Plantation. First of all the venue is incredible and it was a great opportunity to work with other photographers, models and vendors to create some incredible images. We shot at five different locations so I thought I post a few photos from each location.


Belvedere Plantation – Venue
Events by Alex LLC – Coordinator
EightTreeStreet – Flowers
Formal Envy Bridal & Special Occasion Boutique – Dresses
The Funky Tangerine – Jewelry
Fredvintage – Decor
Simply Beautiful Spaces – Decor
Allison Barlow – Makeup Artist – MUA
Samantha Wood – Hair Stylist
Photography: Cynthia Bennett
Hosting Photographers: Allison Hopperstad, Melissa Salinas and Lee Rohrbaugh

Bombshell Beauty

This summer I have been spending a lot of effort on beauty and fashion photography. Here are a few shots from Lindsay Adler’s Beauty Intensive in NY. If you are looking to learn more about fashion and beauty photography, I highly recommend learning from one of the best! Lindsay’s creative direction and creative team helped me capture some amazing images.

Beauty images featuring luxe jewelry.

Swan Lake – Gainesville Ballet School

This past weekend I helped my friend Michael Clay of Michael Clay Photography capture photos from the Gainesville Ballet school’s production of Swan Lake Act 2. The performance incorporated the younger dancers of the school in addition to the more advanced students. We were also treated to the performance of professional guest artists, Rafik Hegab, Evgenia Singur and Shady Aly.

Composed by Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake was derived from Russian folk tales about Odette (Evgenia Singur), a princess who was turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer (Shady Aly) . She is destined to be a swan by day and a human by night. She is joined by other swans who share her fate. Only a vow of eternal love can break the curse.

In the second act, Prince Siegfried (Rafik Hegab) goes hunting near the lake and just as he about to shoot a swan, she transforms into a beautiful woman. They dance a magical pas de deux and she shares her story with him. When dawn breaks, she turns back into a swan and is forced to return to the lake. Prince Siegfried promises to break the spell by his vow of eternal love.

It’s easy to see why Swan Lake is one of the most popular classical ballets. I truly enjoyed capturing this breathtaking performance – here are a few photos from the ballet:

Gainesville Ballet School in Swan Lake Act 2 featuring Evgenia Singur, Rafik Hegab and Shady Aly

Look Fabulous

Each year, I try to make time to build on my photography skills and I had the opportunity to attend the Look Fabulous Tour with Lindsay Adler and Lou Freeman. All I can say is that they did not disappoint! They are both fabulous photographers with a unique teaching style. I got to practice new lighting techniques and work with some awesome models. Here are a few shots from the day:

Funky Glasses

Look Fabulous Tour

Photos from the Look Fabulous Tour in Arlington, VA.

Wonderfully Weird

I absolutely relish the opportunity to shoot avant-garde portraits and this shoot was no exception. Paired with a fabulous design, hair and makeup team, Brenda, Joe, Karen and Vera each personified a unique look. I loved the over the top makeup of Kitty Graham and Jamie Johnston, Stella Bonds designs are always amazing and Dennis Roche of Roche Salon created some awesome experimental hairstyles.

Karen modeled a warrior princess look. Joe rocked a fierce mohawk reminiscent of cool punk. Vera sported a pinup look that reminded me of a mix between a Beetlejuice and Addams Family character. Brenda cooked up some fabulous poses with her Gothic Kitchen Goddess look complete with miniature skillets.

Top: Karen – Metal Princess; Bottom (l) Vera – pinup girl; (ctr) Joe – punk rock cool; and (r) Brenda – gothic cooking goddess

Avant- Garde in black and white. Head shots of Joe, Vera, Brenda and Karen.

Photo Credits:
Producer: Photohispana Group – Maria Elena Esquivel
Models: Karen Delgado, Vera Gridasova, Brenda Sorto, and Joe Tucker
Design: Stella Bonds
Hair: Dennis Roche and Romano Alberti
Makeup Artists: Kitty Graham and Jamie Johnston