Cynthia Bennett

One question I often get asked is how did I come up with the name Left Field Media. It comes from my love of baseball and softball. When I was younger and speedier, I was lucky enough to play left field and plus I am a lefty so I thought Left Field was a great fit.

I absolutely love the television show Friends – I could watch reruns all night (thanks Nick at Nite!) I think Ross has delivered some of my favorite lines ever – “My Sandwich….” and “We were on a break” are at the top of the list.

I also love, love, love Audrey Hepburn – you can ask my husband who of course wonders why I have framed black and white photos of her hanging in the office. She is my #1 style icon – and I can sing just about every song from My Fair Lady ;)

And I love watching old reruns of America’s Next Top Model – not necessarily for the model drama, but for some of the cool photo shoots. I love some of the concepts and I would love to get inside the mind of Jay Manuel to see how he comes up with some of those ideas. I love fashion photography, so it helps feed my obsession.

I am most amazed by musicians – the ability to create music that can touch people on a emotional and spiritual level is just remarkable.

The two artists that I haven’t seen in concert but would love to are: Stevie Wonder and Led Zeppelin. (I actually cried during Ann and Nancy Wilson’s epic Stairway to Heaven performance on the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors)I am also inspired by: Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, and a host of other artists.

I am influenced by: the Bible, (which I try to read a passage every day), the golden rule and a host of other books.

My dream is to travel to Paris, Italy, and Istanbul to view some of the amazing art and architecture. Also in my travel dreams is a trip to each tennis major – the French, Wimbledon and especially the Aussie Open. I can already check the US Open off the list!

Photography and video production is the greatest joy – there is nothing better than capturing the essence of people and relationships. I think everyone has a story worth capturing and I love to find it through my lens.